Our products as a working tool !

HATHA NATURA’s mission is to make the world of food supplements and natural products evolve.

Our company is based in the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the region of Neuchâtel. We collaborate with Swiss brands to develop innovative products 100% Swiss Made.

We are convinced that a sustainable business develops in harmony with its environment. We promote the regional economy and an environmentally friendly value chain.

  • The loop is closed: development, manufacturing and distribution Swiss Made.

Each brand has its own identity and expertise, but the philosophy remains the same – innovation, efficiency, Swiss Made.

The formulas of our products make no concessions: the best raw materials, the most effective molecules, the most adapted dosages, optimal synergies.
As the first consumers of our products, we only distribute brands with impeccable ethics and know-how.

  • ANANDA SWISS : Cold extracted oils from respectful culture 100% Swiss Made
  • ABBGen : High performance clinical products – probiotic, lactoferrin, organic humus, ultra-assimilable molecules
  • NUTRASWISS: Fresh and efficient products that are easy to consume, intended for a wide audience
  • MAXOWAY: Nutricosmetics that offer the greatest number of people access to beauty and inner well-being that is visible on the outside

Our “HATHA THERA” program offers therapists preferential access to all our products.

We want to build a long term relationship with you and do our best to meet your expectations.

We are committed to supporting you in improving the well-being of your patients!

Once trained on our products, you will have an exclusive and efficient working tool.

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