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HATHA NATURA Discovery Box

Discovery Box THERA (choice from 7 to 15 products)

From: CHF223.70 CHF192.80
This offer is adapted to therapists who wish to equip themselves with a high-performance work tool to accompany their patients. Our discovery box allows you to test the effectiveness of all our food supplements and natural products. Therapists registered on our website benefit from a discount on this package during the checkout.
  • Selection of 7 to 15 products to choose from
  • Quantity limited to one product per reference
  • Offer valid only once per customer
In addition to this offer, we offer therapists very advantageous conditions for collaboration. We want to be long-term partners! By joining forces with HATHA NATURA, you can be sure of innovative, effective, respectful products that are developed and manufactured in Switzerland with passion.

Digestion & Constipation Cure, 1 month

CHF75.00 CHF72.76
Week 1 to 4: BODY VITAL: 1 dose in the morning on an empty stomach PRO BTX: 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach
cure immunité digestive

Digestive Immunity Cure, 1 month

Week 1 to 3 : PRO BTX: 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach Olà: 1 teaspoon during the day PRO IMMUNE : 1 stick during the day Week 4 : PRO BTX: 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach Olà: 1 teaspoon during the day
MAXOWAY Cure Basket of fruits and vegetables spirulina

Cure BASKET of Fruits and Vegetables, Plus Spirulina, 1-6 months

From: CHF0.00
In this basket of fruits and vegetables plus spirulina, the elements Earth and Water are combined for a complete revitalizing treatment of the body!
  • Earth - Complex of 12 plants, fruits, vegetables and wheat dextrin rich in prebiotic fibers.
  • Water - Concentrate of fresh spirulina algae with a high content of 100% natural bioactive phycocyanin
Start the cure with Spirulina 2.0 together with Body Vital for 10 days and continue with Body Vital for the next 20 days. Drink plenty of water to help elimination.
MAXOWAY Body Vital Green Balance

Body Vital, Green Balance

Complex of 12 plants including spirulina and green tea, fruits, vegetables, and wheat dextrin. Rich in prebiotic fibers, to stimulate the natural functions of elimination, revitalize the body, support the proper functioning of digestion and transit. Vegan. Guaranteed gluten-free. GMO free. No artificial coloring. No preservatives. No sweeteners. Lactose free.