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MAXOWAY Cure Basket of fruits and vegetables spirulina

Cure BASKET of Fruits and Vegetables, Plus Spirulina, 1-6 months

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In this basket of fruits and vegetables plus spirulina, the elements Earth and Water are combined for a complete revitalizing treatment of the body!
  • Earth - Complex of 12 plants, fruits, vegetables and wheat dextrin rich in prebiotic fibers.
  • Water - Concentrate of fresh spirulina algae with a high content of 100% natural bioactive phycocyanin
Start the cure with Spirulina 2.0 together with Body Vital for 10 days and continue with Body Vital for the next 20 days. Drink plenty of water to help elimination.
ABBGEN Clasporin Retard 10 Probiotic

CLASPORIN Retard, Probiotic

Rebalance the inflammatory and immune processes, thanks in particular to its positive impact on the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and its prebiotic effect. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Support :
  • Food intolerances
  • Inflammation of the digestive tract and chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • In-depth support for obesity and diabetes
  • Prevention of respiratory infections (in children)
  • Post-antibiotic therapy diarrhoea
  • Bacterial proliferation of the small intestine
ABBGEN Beocin Forte 10 Probiotic

BEOCIN Forte, Probiotic

Rebalance the intestinal biocenosis during chronic or acute disorders, by reducing the presence of pathogenic or potentially harmful germs thanks to the particular properties of its 2 probiotic strains. Gluten-free. Lactose free. Support :
  • Abdominal pain, bloating, colitis.
  • Difficult digestion
  • Intestinal dysbiosis and enteric infections
  • Fungal infections/intestinal candidiasis
ABBGEN Firmycin Forte 10 Probiotic

FIRMYCIN Forte, Probiotic

To rebalance and protect the vaginal flora at the time of punctual or chronic disturbances. Gluten-free. Lactose free. Support:
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Genital Fungosis/Candidosis
  • Intestinal candidiasis
  • Prophylaxis and aid in the clearance of genital tract infections: Vaginosis, vaginitis, cystitis
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
MAXOWAY Body Vital Green Balance

Body Vital, Green Balance

Complex of 12 plants including spirulina and green tea, fruits, vegetables, and wheat dextrin. Rich in prebiotic fibers, to stimulate the natural functions of elimination, revitalize the body, support the proper functioning of digestion and transit. Vegan. Guaranteed gluten-free. GMO free. No artificial coloring. No preservatives. No sweeteners. Lactose free.
NUTRASWISS Base-PH Acidity Basifying

Base pH, acid-base balance (basifying)

Organic minerals and plant extracts that neutralize excess acidity. It's important to contribute to the acid-base metabolism, and for once it's easy.
ABBGen Heparyl Liver detoxification

Heparyl 1000mg, Liver detoxification

Synergy of magnesium malate and ornithine to help detoxify the liver (hepatic detoxification ).
ABBGen HUMICOL Humic acids

HUMICOL 400mg, Humic Acids

Humic acids of biological origin for intestinal health.
ABBGen LACTRIM Lactoferrin

LACTRIM 285mg, Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin for the immune system.
  • Lactoferrin has shown a disruptive effect on bacterial biofilms.
  • Involved in the defense of mucous membranes against bacteria and viruses.
  • Strong affinity for iron (provider and carrier)
ABBGen HOMYL Pro-B Vitamins B

HOMYL Pro-B Forte, Vitamins B

Complex of vitamins B, betaine, zinc and selenium as a basic formula.
  • Support of gastric function
  • Contributes to the reduction of homocysteine
  • Support of methylation processes

Spirulina 5.0 Premium

100% NATURAL AND UNDENATURED FRESH SPIRULINA! Concentrated with cytoplasmic extract of spirulina algae Guaranteed without coloring agents, sweeteners, preservatives or alcohol 20 x 5 ml drinkable ampoules (min 25 mg phycocyanine per ampoule certified) The highest concentration of pure, bioactive phycocyanine on the market. Your health ally with multiple benefits! HEALTH: Enhanced immunity, joint comfort, respiratory well-being SPORT: Supports performance and improves recovery BEAUTY: Protects against oxidative stress and cellular aging BENEFITS FROM THE SPORT PROTECT LABEL!
ABBGen Liver-Intestine Detox Cure

Cure DETOX Liver-Intestine, 1-3 months

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The DETOX cure includes the phase of hepatic detoxification with Heparyl, followed by the phase of elimination of toxins with HOMYL and HUMICOL. To be carried out twice a year in case of taking contraceptive pills, strong presence of pollutants/toxins in the environment, frequent bloating, or season changes in autumn and spring.