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NUHO Ócerola

NUHO ÓCEROLA, Acerola & Vitamin C

NUHO ÓCEROLA is a powdered dietary supplement made of acerola extract, vitamin C and magnesium. It is a blend of high quality nutrients designed to provide daily supplementation suitable for the general public. Its delicious natural taste makes it the ideal daily companion. This product is intended for both adults and children. 90 servings. Sugar free / Gluten free / Lactose free / Pesticide free / Palm oil free / No chemical additives / Vegan / No animal testing.
"NUHO, the powders designed and made in Switzerland!"

NUHO LIPÓ-C, Liposomal Vitamin C

NUHO LIPÓ-C is a dietary supplement in capsules composed of liposomal vitamin C. The liposomal process consists of encapsulating the vitamin C in liposomes (fatty bodies). The liposomes serve as an excipient for the active ingredient, allowing it to be protected from digestive juices so that it can reach the cells without being altered. Due to their close affinity with the composition of the body's cells, liposomes pass the intestinal barrier and cross the cell walls without difficulty. This innovative form of vitamin C has 3 major advantages:
  • An exceptional assimilation by the body
  • An excellent intestinal tolerance
  • A progressive diffusion of the vitamin C
  • This product is intended for both adults and children.
60 servings. Sugar free / Gluten free / Lactose free / Pesticide free / Palm oil free / No chemical additives / Vegan / No animal testing.
"NUHO, designed and made in Switzerland!"

Cure AGING WELL, 1-6 months

The "AGING WELL" cure supports the body against the effects of age and aging. It provides vitamins and minerals for the bone sphere and digestive support, as well as essential co-factors in the protection of the body against neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and cell degeneration diseases.
MAXOWAY Cure Basket of fruits and vegetables spirulina

Cure BASKET of Fruits and Vegetables, Plus Spirulina, 1-6 months

From: CHF0.00
In this basket of fruits and vegetables plus spirulina, the elements Earth and Water are combined for a complete revitalizing treatment of the body!
  • Earth - Complex of 12 plants, fruits, vegetables and wheat dextrin rich in prebiotic fibers.
  • Water - Concentrate of fresh spirulina algae with a high content of 100% natural bioactive phycocyanin
Start the cure with Spirulina 2.0 together with Body Vital for 10 days and continue with Body Vital for the next 20 days. Drink plenty of water to help elimination.
NUTRASWISS Multi-Vitamins Families

Multi-vitamins Families

CHF35.00 CHF31.50
12 vitamins, 2 minerals and 5 organic trace elements. Everything is there, we haven't forgotten anyone. So that there are no jealous people and the whole family can keep pace.
NUTRASWISS Multi-Vitamins Women

Multi-Vitamins Women

Plant extracts, vitamins, minerals. It strengthens, balances and energizes. And there's that little extra that makes you look good.
NUTRASWISS Multi-Vitamins Seniors

Multi-Vitamins Seniors

A shield of micronutrients to protect against time and care for the mechanics. The most beautiful years are ahead, and we do not deprive ourselves of living them fully.

Spirulina 5.0 Premium

100% NATURAL AND UNDENATURED FRESH SPIRULINA! Concentrated with cytoplasmic extract of spirulina algae Guaranteed without coloring agents, sweeteners, preservatives or alcohol 20 x 5 ml drinkable ampoules (min 25 mg phycocyanine per ampoule certified) The highest concentration of pure, bioactive phycocyanine on the market. Your health ally with multiple benefits! HEALTH: Enhanced immunity, joint comfort, respiratory well-being SPORT: Supports performance and improves recovery BEAUTY: Protects against oxidative stress and cellular aging BENEFITS FROM THE SPORT PROTECT LABEL!
ABBGen IMMUPRAN NK-1 Beta-glucans Reishi Immune system

IMMUPRAN NK-1, Beta-glucans, Reishi

Strengthening the immune system's defenses.
  • The administration of per os beta-glucans has shown a positive reaction of the immune system to viral infections affecting the respiratory tract.
  • The administration of Reishi per os showed a significant activation of TH1 cellular immunity and a decrease in allergic reactions (TH2).

HOMYL Pro-B Forte, Vitamins B

Complex of vitamins B, betaine, zinc and selenium as a basic formula.
  • Support of gastric function
  • Contributes to the reduction of homocysteine
  • Support of methylation processes